projet 5600

Use Multi-Material 3D Printing technology to reduce your total cost of operations.

The ProJet MJP 5600 is a large-format, Multi-material 3D printer that offers print speeds up to two times faster than similar PolyJet machines. Plus, with a larger build volume, you can leverage the ProJet MJP 5600’s capabilities to reduce part costs by up to 40% compared to those of competing multi-material 3D printers

Dozens of MultiJet material choices

This ingenious 3D printer solution simultaneously prints and blends both flexible and rigid photopolymers within the VisiJet® family of materials. This is done layer-by-layer at the voxel level, in one part and in a single build, to achieve superior mechanical properties. Additionally, VisiJet rigid plastic, elastomeric and composite materials are engineered for performance with varying degrees of flexibility, material transparency and differentiated shades in one part.

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The ProJet MJP 5600 delivers ready-to-use parts at print speeds up to 2x faster than similar printers. This MultiJet 3D printing solution can quickly output a full build and offers a cleaning method that’s up to 4x faster than other processes thanks to automated post-processing. With a high capacity and over 50% larger build volume than other MultiJet printing machines, you can print parts up to half a meter long—or several smaller parts—in a single build.


The ProJet MJP 5600 offers greater geometric freedom and part functionality, along with:

  • True-to-CAD parts accuracy
  • Superior surface finish
  • Sharp edges and fine details that survive through hands-free post-processing
  • The ability to efficiently and completely remove supports from the tightest spaces
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Bauvolumen 518 x 381 x 299 mm
Kunststoff Material

VisiJet CR-WT 2001,3 – Weiß, robust

VisiJet CR-CL 2001,3 – Transparent, robust

VisiJet CR-BK – Schwarz, robust

VisiJet CE-BK – Schwarz, elastomer

VisiJet CE-NT – Neutral, elastomer


600 x 600 x 1600 DPI

750 x 750 x 2000 DPI

Z Auflösung (Schichtstärke)

16 Mikron

13 Mikron

Typische Genauigkeit

0,025-0,05 mm pro 25.4 mm

Software im Lieferumfang


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Markforged 3D Drucker Mark Two Kohlefaser, Glasfaser
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